Looking for help in your digital marketing learning journey

We are here to Help

We know that you are facing issues like

Lack of Dedicated Time

Lack of Expert Guidance & Motivation

Lack of Digital Marketing Learning Environment

Loads of Uncleared Doubts

Well, we have the solution, all you need is a guide who

Helps you to utilize your time by helping you focus on important things

Helps you with a conducive digital marketing learning environment

Keeps you motivated by helping you with career prospects

Clarifies and helps you solve all your doubts

Guides you in your entire journey

Get all of the above in Growth Pixel Academy’s Coaching and Hand Handling Program

Why this Program?

“Launching this program is not easy! It means some serious loss of revenue for us!”

Because of losing on some consulting business.

But we want to achieve our objective of bringing the best brains in digital marketing industry!

And we know that a Guide is important.

And guess what!

We made sure that it is affordable to you!

We have deliberately kept the price to cover only the infrastructure cost!

Enroll today for Coaching Program at just Rs 1849 for 3 months!


Weekly sharing of queries, problems & issues which shall be answered within a Week

  1. The reason for this is that, I wanted to create a system where you learn from others!
  2. So when all my learners share their queries, I collate them in a week
  3. And answer them in detail and then share the answers with you

Two Guiding Sessions of 15 mins every month with our Principal Consultant

  1. This is to ensure that your path to learn digital marketing is correct and good.
  2. Other thing is that our consultant are great motivators, they will motivate you to put extra effort to learn digital marketing!
  3. And the best part is, that our consultant also get to meet and evaluate you personally. This helps us to suggest our client’s candidates which our consultants find good during their interaction. So you have a high chance of getting a good job after completing the course

And guess what, you get to be part of our exclusive career growth group iGrowthXL, where

  1. You will get tips and advice on digital marketing and related careers
  2. Job Opportunities from Companies about digital marketing
  3. And Peer interaction from other members, which will
  • motivate you
  • help you stay focused
  • and be a superman by helping others! Yes I believe you are a superman!

Isn’t it so cool at just Rs 1849 for 3 months

Hurry up! And book your seat before the price gets to original Rs 10,000

Offer closes on!

2018/01/31 18:10:01