Openly Frank answers to all your questions on Growth Pixel Academy’s Free Online Digital Marketing Course

You have asked and we have answered

As our Management team’s cumulative practicing experience in Marketing Field is 123+ Yrs, where in Digital Marketing Experience in itself will amount to 86+ Yrs.

We have realized the following as our experience as Trainers :

  1. To understand practical problems and appropriate solutions of a particular aspect in department requires atleast an experience of 5-10 years.
  2. Its not possible for a single person to keep up with upgradation of all aspects of a department from operations and Execution to Strategical Level.
  3. Not Everyone who has a knowledge can become a good teacher, to Become a Good teacher you should be able to communicate well.
  4. To Communicate meaningfully a Good Teacher should be able to judge the requirements of each student and then shall be able to deliver the communication in a way that is making sense to each student.
  5. To Train, you should be able to understand the process of learning as well, how brain learns and how it can become a long-term memory.
  6. And then the knowledge of making use of that process to help Train the Learners.
  7. Of course the Trainers shall make the Process very participative and active for the Learner so that interest of the learner keep on souring throughout the Learning Process.

All this put together means, apart from the “Content of Information” the “Process of Learning” makes any course more Fun and easy to learn.

So, we are Sourcing the Content of the course from various Specialists in the Field along with Process of making the learning more active and deeper.

We can give you 3 different reasons to learn from us :

1. We act then we preach :

We only teach what we actually use in our company for helping our clients in Digital Marketing Success. Which means we only teach those strategies and activities which actually give results when we are either helping our clients or while selling our own Products & Service online

2. Coaching & Training has been one of our core Service :

Growth Pixel had been providing ABC services to the clients since its inception. A : Advisory, B : Building & C: Coaching. Wherin we researched and perfected the process of Coaching the client’s and our own teams in a way that the understanding is on a deeper level.

3. We are always looking to expanding our team :

We are always expanding our consulting services wherein we require Digital Marketers who are not just copy pasting the theoretical aspects of the business but are actually understanding the nitty gritties and the result is our own Trade Marked process of VEDAA & KEYBANG. That means we would like to recruit people who have been trained by GPA and put money only people like these, well thats the kind of confidence we have on our training.

We have a Bigger Vision of Helping and Giving back to the industry along with a little hint of selfish motive :

* We want more Intelligent & Brilliant Recruits as Practicing Specilaists.
* Want to Train them faster making them useful to the company & Clients
* They shall take very less time to fit in the companies
* Shall recruit only when they have understood the REAL Digital Marketing, rather than just mugging up some definations
* Since doing it for us, why not try to change whole scenario, and help everyone with the resources we think are the best.

We Planned to Heavily Subsidise the cost of the course for obvious Long-term benefits which we might reap as divulged in earlier questions.

This course has obviously costed us alot but rather than making money on the free resources, we are opting to take a heavily subsidised cost of OUR TIME, only where our direct involvement is required in the ongoing process to help others.

We want to Give Back to the Industry from where

Why another course, when there are so many courses already available ?

After frustating unsuccessful recruitments by us also shared experiences of Fellow Entrepreenrs, we realised that its not about lack of Information to the Digital Marketing Learners but about the understanding What is important and where, when and how to use it for success of the marketing campaigns & business.

It takes around 3 – 4 months to complete this course

Yes, we can provide Certificate of Completion for this Free Course, but for that you have to opt for certified evaluation process. This Process is very stringent and anyone willing of getting a Certificate has to go through the process of evaluation

You are encouraged to enroll for the evaluation again. Also, we help you in preparing for your test with Tips for preparation and understanding Digital Marketing so that you don’t only pass these test but also any other evaluations by organisation where you are willing to join.