1. Well versed in WordPress, Woocommerce & their existing inbuilt functions
  2. Creation of custom post types
  3. Creation of clean, logical, well-documented and re-usable code
  4. Theme/Template integration
  5. Strong Development experience in PHP , Javascript , JQuery , Ajax, HTML5, SS3.
  6. Strong understanding of database technologies like SQL.
  7. Should have good hands on OOPS concept


  1. Creation of WordPress & Woocommerce plugins/widgets written to conform with the WordPress coding standards
  2. Must have good knowledge in handling content updates and Integration of WordPress applications ( Plugin , Hooks , Modules , Filters etc..).
  3. Customization and Payment gateways integration .


  1. Knowledge in WordPress security, and optimization (Google Page Speed, Caching, CDN, GZip etc) & Database Optimization.
  2. Good understanding of cross-platform and cross-browser issues


  1. Candidate should be able to meet deadlines
  2. Must be hardworking and motivated, Should be self-driven
  3. Must have good communication skills and development approach
  4. Candidate should be ready to learn

Key Responsibilities

  1. We’re seeking a Developer that has an appreciation of digital marketing and growth hacking
  2. A Developer who has “will” to perform magic and we are willing to show him the “way” to do that.
  3. You need to know the basics of most digital marketing activities and where they intersect with development and how technical roles aid marketing growth.
  4. As a growth hacking team, Developers work in conjunction with design and our digital strategy consultants.
  5. You’ll have the opportunity of driving our client’s firm out of the industrial age into Digital Age.
  6. At Growth Pixel; talent, enthusiasm and creativity do not go unnoticed.

Skills Required

  1. HTML/CSS, PHP&JavaScript ( of course )
  2. Responsive Frameworks (Bootstrap)
  3. CMS knowledge (especially WordPress)
  4. Excellent understanding of grids and flow
  5. Performance optimisation techniques
  6. Good understanding of UX and ability to question usability where necessary
  7. Deep understanding of modern website architecture and supporting technologies (Responsive Design etc)

Skills that can make you standout

  2. PHP/MySQL
  3. AngularJS and similar frameworks
  4. Expression Engine
  5. An understanding of SEO fundamentals and best practices

Your Typical Day at Work

  1. Your Day starts with urgency & Importance alignment with the Digital Marketing team.
  2. Updating the tasks on the Project Management software to update the team.
  3. Starting development of the factor which will impact the most in the Project.
  4. Tracking the Bug which is hampering the normal work of the website
  5. Mending the Broken portion of the website and making it usable
  6. Creating a new functionality to one of the in-house website or finding the best option for the same.
  7. Tinkering with the technical aspect to make website zoom the users towards a great experience.
  8. Updating with new happenings at your field and helping understand the Digital Marketing team the impact of these new technologies on our services.

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