Search Acquisition Marketer (Content)

Job Description

  1. Work with Members of the management team for company promotions and other initiatives.
  2. Work with Merchandising/Ecomm team on brand, catalog and product copy/content issues.
  3. Writing compelling copy on forums, comments and other links to enhance the company or product image
  4. Create compelling copy and online product descriptions, catalog headline copy or flash site product descriptions and content for a wide range of products.
  5. Enhance and improve older Product, Blog, Website and Web-Guide copy as necessary.
  6. Write long form Articles, Blogs and Guides as needed.
  7. Supervises Temporary/Freelance Copywriters to include editing work and assigning tasks

Key Responsibilities

  1. Perform quick research to develop and produce new content.
  2. Function as moderator and administrator for onsite message boards and blogs.
  3. Draft email newsletters weekly to help the team produce thousands of dollars in revenues every day.
  4. Add to creative and strategic ideas for online marketing initiatives of Growth Pixel.
  5. Develop content to demonstrate organization’s impact on industry.
  6. Draft and edit assigned editorials, talking points and press releases.
  7. Create and post timely content on organization’s website.
  8. Function as organization’s lead social networker and manage social media presence.
  9. Utilize industry and organizational knowledge to develop ideas and content.
  10. Maintain process and determine efficiency and effectiveness methods.
  11. Coordinate with Head of  Strategic Communication to create content and style guidelines.
  12. Develop compelling content for various languages, markets, platforms and learners.
  13. Gain understanding of in-house content creation tools and quality standards.
  14. Utilize graphics editing and media creation programs to develop prototypes and storyboards.
  15. Change to new content requirements, digital tools and collaborators.

Skills Required

  1. Proven editorial skills. Outstanding command over English (or primary customer) language.
  2. Ability to lead and inspire large teams of creative personnel and content creators to achieve company’s stated goals
  3. Skill at both long-form and real-time (immediate) content creation and distribution strategies and tactics.
  4. Experience creating a resource or library of content organized indicating SEO, translations and version control.
  5. Needs to be continually learning the latest platforms, technology tools and marketing solutions through partnerships.
  6. Able to screen out sales pitches and look for the relevant brand and customer story.

Skills that can make you standout

  1. The ability to think like an educator, intuitively understanding what the audience needs to know and how they want to consume it.
  2. A passion for new technology tools and usage of those tools within your own blogs and social media outreach. Social DNA a plus!
  3. Clear articulation of the business goal behind the creation of a piece (or series) of content.
  4. A willingness to embrace change and to adapt strategies on the fly.
  5. Great powers of persuasion and presentation (Visio, PowerPoint)

Your Typical Day at Work

  1. Ensuring all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for search and user experience for all channels of content including online, social media, email, point of purchase, mobile, video, print and in-person.
  2. This is to be done for each buyer persona within the enterprise.
  3. Mapping out a content strategy that supports and extends marketing initiatives, both short- and long-term, determining which methods work for the brand and why. Continuous evolving strategy is a must.
  4. The development of a functional content calendar throughout the enterprise verticals, and defining the owners in each vertical to particular persona groups.
  5. Integration of content activities within traditional marketing campaigns.
  6. Establishing work flow for requesting, creating, editing, publishing, and rework old content. Work with technical team to implement appropriate CMS.
  7. Conducting periodic competitive audits.
  8. Supervising the maintenance of content inventories and matrices.

I am excited about this profile